One Paragraph Essay Requirements
Note: Your paragraph must contain about 250 words.

Heading: Your name, block.
Question: Include the question to which you are responding above the essay.
Title: Must reflect the thesis.

Note: Include one Sentence Pattern in your paragraph.

Include the following in a standard paragraph:
Thesis: Opening sentence - this should clearly answer the question to which you are responding. Make sure it is a specific answer that takes a clear stand. Include title and author of the work.
Context (before including your textual evidence): The context explains what is going on in the story at the point where the quotation occurs, and who is speaking.
Quotation: One quotation to support your thesis (include page number). Do not use more than two quotations and each can be no longer than two lines in length.
Analysis: Include analysis for each quotation. Analysis should be 2-3 sentences that discuss how or why the behavior shown in the quotation proves your thesis. Do not restate or explain the quotation or summarize the plot.
Conclusion: Approximately one sentence. In the conclusion give an interesting insight or make a judgment based on the thesis statement.
Word Count: Must be about 250 words.
Sentence Pattern: include one Sentence Pattern sentence in your paragraph.

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Example One Paragraph Essay

The Lord of the Flies

Question: What is the significance of the conch in the beginning of The Lord of the Flies?

Title: A Symbol of Unity

(The thesis is in bold. Note that it clearly and specifically answers the question.)

In the beginning of William Golding’s The Lord of the Flies, the boys view the conch as an important symbol that unites them and gives them the power to deal with their difficult situation. When the conch is first found and blown, it brings everyone together: “Ralph found his breath and blew a series of short blasts. Piggy exclaimed, ‘There’s one!’” (Golding 16). Here Piggy observes one boy emerging from the jungle but soon boys come form all around. Each comes for his own reason: some for plain curiosity, other for the prospect of rescue. They all form the first assembly thanks to the conch. The first job of this assembly is to unite even further and choose a leader or chief. Once again the conch plays an important part. It is Ralph who is chosen to be chief, and the main reason for this is because he holds the conch. When it is put to a vote, the boys exclaim, “Him with the shell. Ralph! Ralph! Let him be chief with the trumpet-thing” (Golding 21). Because Ralph possesses the conch, a symbol of power and authority, he is chosen chief. Thus, at first the conch is an important object bringing civilizing influences to the boys as they work together to make the best of a bad situation.

Word Count: 218

Questions for Revision:

Does your thesis answer the question?

Do your focus on analysis over summary?