Example #1


The following will be the assigned characters for tomorrow's socratic seminar. For discussion preparation tomorrow please write a brief introduction of yourself to present at the beginning of the discussion. (Don't forget to be in character!)

Jane 1: Jessica
Jane 2: Megan
Rochester: Elaine
Bertha: Sunyoung
Grace Poole: Daniel
Richard Mason: Jason
Hannah: Yunji
Diana: Joodi
Mary: Kristie
Mr. St. John: Jin
Mrs. Fairfax: Sarah
Solicitor: Jungna

  1. Be in character (talk like them, act like them, think like them)
  2. Dress up as your character
  3. Refer to the text
  4. When in sections that your character is not involved, feel free step out and be yourself.

Before discussion, we will be going around and introducing "ourselves." SO please be prepared. :)


1. Who is Bertha Mason, and how did the mystery of Grace Poole come to reveal its secret?
2. What decisions does Jane make after finding out Mr. Rochester is married to Bertha Mason? What motivates her to leave?
3. What challenges does Jane face after leaving Mr. Rochester? Who helps her out?
4. What does Jane earn from the Moor House?

1. In this section, Jane repeatedly dreams of a crying child. Analyze the symbolism of this dream. How is this dream related to Jane?
2. How does Jane’s perspective of religion change in this section?
3. How does Bertha Mason convey the Victorian society, especially the role of women?
4. How is Bertha Mason similar to Jane Eyre?
5. "Life, however, was yet in my possession: with all it requirements, and pains, and responsibilities. The burden must be carried; the want provided for;the suffering endured; the responsibility fulfilled. I set out." (Bronte 330) What motivates Jane to keep going and to hold on to life?

1. Do you think the abnormal conditions of Bertha are enough to justify what Mr. Rochester did to her?
2. Do you think Jane ever reach happiness? What life would be considered “happy” for Jane?
3. Do you believe Jane made the right choice in following her conscience over her passion? In simple words, was her decision to leave Mr. Rochester the right decision?
4. How does prejudice change people's point of view on others? What does Bronte mention about people's prejudiced views? (refer to the section when Jane talks to Hannah, the servant, about beggars and poverty)

1. What do you think awaits Jane in Morton?

Example #2

1. SKIT :
Come up with ideas and bring props to class if you are going to use props. You do not have to meet up with your group before class to prepare for the skit. You will be given a certain amount of time in class for preparation. Skits have to be at least 5 minutes.

1. Act out the scene when Mr. Mason gets injured in the arm. (You can start from the part when people hear the scream. )
--- Sun Young Park, Jenny Lee, Jung Na Park
2. Act out a scene when Jane visits Gateshead. What happens there?What is Jane trying to do? How does Jane feel?
--- Hanna Kim, Kristen Chung, Jessica Choi, Megan Song
3. Mr. Rochester and Jane's proposal for each other. (Start from wherever you like, such as the scene when Rochester asks Jane to check out his new carriage. Include the part when Mrs. Fairfax sees them kissing).
--- Sarah Hwang, Jason Park, Joodi Son
4. Act out the scene when the gypsy talks to Jane and when Jane figures out that gypsy is Rochester.
--- Jin Kwon, Elaine Lee


Factual Question:
1. Did Jane know that Rochester was talking about himself when he told her about the young man's story?
2. Who was the gypsy?
3. Why was Blanche Ingram upset after talking to the gypsy?

Interpretive Question:
1. Why did Rochester hide the fact of Mr. Mason getting stabbed?
2. Why do you think Charlotte Bronte added the scene of Jane looking at the images of Christ's crucifixion and the apostles?
3. Why do think Jane fears becoming Jane Rochester?

Evaluative Question:
1. Why did Rochester disguise himself as the gypsy?
2. Why do you think Mrs. Fairfax is not accepting the engagement of Rochester and Jane?

1. What can we learn about Rochester's influence over Jane in this section?

Example #3

3. Activity This might be a bit confusing, but just focus on answering your assigned questions, and we will explain the specifics tomorrow. SO! To clarify, everyone needs to answer the factual questions. Then, we will have two trials. Everyone will be participating in both trials, and as you can see, we divided you up into two groups in both trials. Find your name and answer the question that is under your group. THAT IS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO! IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, Albert, Paul, or Sejin will be on messenger or skype to help you.

1. What event brought Rochester and Jane together?
2. How does Jane feel about Rochester's departure?
3. How does Rochester react when Jane is about to leave the drawing room?
4. How does Blanche feel after getting her fortune told?

Who deserves Rochester more?
- Jane
Sam, Sally, Rachel, Helen, Mady, Kevin,
1. Using your childhood experience, tell us how you judge or decide a person's impression?
2.How would you describe Blanche?
3. Why do you deserve Rochester more?

Nathan, Beatrice, Jisoo, Yusun, Corie
1. Using your childhood experience, tell us how you judge or decide a person's impression?
2. How would you describe yourself?
3.Why do you deserve Rochester more?

Interview Style
Nathan, Sally, Helen, Kevin, Yusun
1. What was your first impression of Rochester?
2. Why and how did you start to find Rochester attractive?
3. Jane, as the opposite of the aristocrats, how do you feel about them?

Sam, Beatrice, Jisoo, Corie, Rachel
1. What was your first actions toward Jane?
2. Why and how did you start to find Jane attractive?
3. Since you are a part of the high class society, how do you feel you differ from the rest of them?